The MöbiusCoin or (MOBI) is an open source peer to peer Crypto currency.  MöbiusCoin is a fresh Crypto currency which can be traded by the public and easily implemented for use in online (trades/stores) and every day banking.  In the modern world people make digital currency with a limited amount of coins to be introduced over time.  Much like the gold standard.  This system is fair and free from anyone tampering with the supply of the currency. MobiusCoin is not controlled by the government or any banking service.   To keep banking services in the future the MobiusCoin  team will consult, plan and help any banking system with the movement to the modern features of Digital Currency Services.



  • SHA-256 Algorithm
  • 50 Coins Per Block
  • Block halving 210000
  • 21 Million Coins Total
  • 10 Block Confirmations
  • Difficulty Re-adjust 168 Hrs